Andelucia Arch | La Zahurda

Postcard from the future: I long for Andalucía’s villages and views

Mark Jones is dreaming of his favourite ‘white village’ in southern Spain’s Axarquía region, where small businesses are also keen for tourists to return

Diving Over Lemons Book | La Zahurda

Driving over Lemons: an optimist hosts of Spain - By Chris Steward

Chris, eternal optimist and itinerant sheep shearer, moves with his wife Ana to a mountain farm in Las Alpujarras, an oddball region in the south of Spain. Misadventures gleefully unfold as Chris discovers that the owner has no intention of leaving and meets their neighbours, an engaging mix of peasant farmers and shepherds, New Age travellers and ex-pats. Their daughter Chloë is born, linking them irrevocably to their new life. The hero of the piece, however, is the farm itself - a patch of mountain

Ghosts of Spain Book | La Zahurda

Ghosts of Spain - By Giles Tremlett

Tremlett captures Spanish character, history and modern politics in this masterful portrait, interweaving the story of his love for the country (where he has lived for 20 years) with interviews, anecdotes and observation.

Food and Wine | La Zahurda

Food and wines of Spain - By Penelope Casas

This classic cookbook brings more than 400 of the traditional foods of Spain—with their extraordinary range of flavors—into the home kitchen. To search out the finest Spanish recipes, Penelope Casas traveled over 25,000 miles, crisscrossing the country

Root & Flower Book | La Zahurda

Spain, the root and the flower - By John A Crow

Take this book with you to Spain: an absorbing, well-written account of Spanish cultural history. This book spans from prehistory to the time of the Romans, Jews, Moors, and the Golden Age— to Franco and his legacy in modern Spain.

Moorish Book | La Zuharda

Andalus: Unlocking the secrets of Moorish Spain - By Jason Webster

Jason Webster originally travelled to Spain to play the flamenco guitar. A qualified Arabist, he now embarks on a quest for Spain’s forgotten Arab legacy, and gets embroiled with characters who are as wild and original as those he described so vividly in Duende.