Local activities and excursions

Local activities are available for those who prefer the great outdoors. The longest zipline in Spain is in Comares, the Caminito Del Rey, “the world’s most dangerous walkway,” wine tours, and the Finca de la Concepcíon, a beautiful  botanical garden, are a few highlights.

If you do not want to venture too far, there are more manageable walks from the villa into the neighbourhood.

Vélez-Málaga is a beautiful old town with plenty of historic buildings many of which house museums. There are also several venues offering flamenco shows for minimal fees. Málaga is a historic city attracting history and culture buffs. The Alcazaba is a fortress palace, dating from the Muslim period located at the foot of Gibralfaro, the 14th century castle that protects the buildings. The city’s cathedral is a masterpiece, an evolution of Gothic art. The Roman Theatre is a  remaining symbol of Roman Hispanic in the city.

Hammocks Zipline | La Zahurda

Spain’s longest zip wire

The tirolina hurtles at 80 km/h for 50 seconds at a height of 436 m above sea level. This is an adrenaline activity in the heart of Comares. The same company can also plan rock climbing trips in the vicinity of Comares and day trips away to swim in gorges and go canyoning.

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Ruta de la Pasa

The raisin route covers the municipalities of Totalálan, Comares, Cútar, El Borge, Almáchar and Moclinejo. This 62 km route is made famous for some of the best raisins in the world and has historical roots. You will find a route guide map close to the Málaga Gate in Comares.

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Winery tastings and tours

There is a winery in Sayalonga that you can visit and have lunch - details in our info pack. There others over the ridge in front of La Zahúrda in Moclinejo.

Walking Trail | La Zahurda

The Great Málaga Trail

Over 700 mks long, this trail encirlces the entire province. It is pretty rugged but there are spectacular views.

Land Rover | La Zahurda

Inland walks

The small villages of Alfarnatejo, Antequera, Villanueva del Rosario, Riogordo and Comares offer lots of walks and Montes de Málaga are not far if you want a more strenuous walk.

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Active Andalus

Walking and outdoor activities in rural Andalucía

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Comares has three walking paths, all located in close proximity to each other on the northern side of the village close to the zip line. The easiest is the Fuente Gorda, which takes about 45 minutes and involves an ascent of 50 m. Slightly more difficult are the Cueva de la Ventana, which includes a 25m-long zip line, and the Puerta del Agua, which has a couple of wire “tightrope” bridges with hand supports. Guided climbs are available.

Andelucia Arch | La Zahurda

Villages in Andalucía

Pueblos blancos in the region are laden with character and interesting finds. The Great Limestone Arch in Comares has an impressive view of the Tajo de Gomer, an impressive mountain range.